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Domain Names You Never Got Around To Developing

By on November 10, 2008

I’ve registered hundreds of domain names over the past few years.  Each time, before clicking “Complete Purchase,” I made a point to think about every individual name, how it would be developed into a website with a specific purpose, how it could be profitable, how it would benefit an existing company or launch a start-up.

Unfortunately, you can not put your heart, time and money into developing hundreds of internet properties.  Many of my domains lay in wait for their day to shine as a fully developed site, though I can’t promise them it will be by my hand… I am a domainer afterall!

I would like to share with you some of my domain names and what I envision the will become.

SwiftPic.com – Free Application for the Masses

This was to be an AJAX powered form that would generate, on-the-fly, customized code for using swfIR on your websites.  What is swfIR? It’s an awesome open-source script for replacing standard image code with dynamic flash displays that allow for curved corners, borders, even drop shadows.  You can see it in action on BlogDuJour.com. I am still looking for a programmer to work with on creating the SwiftPic application.

ElectricWebsites.com – A Community of Developers in a Virtual Metaverse

Ever heard of Second Life? It’s a huge virtual world that has been covered in the news countless times. It is being prized as a valuable educational tool (virtual classrooms) and literally millions of people across the globe. A few years back, I got involved with Second Life and was interested in developing a business, I even promoted DotSauce through the virtual world and made some great contacts. I don’t have much time these days to login to Second Life, but the ElectricWebsites.com virtual headquarters is still live inside Second Life, let me know if you want a tour.


InstantVerse.com – AJAX Powered Bible!

I purchased this domain name after coming up with an idea for a web based Bible application that would allow a person to start typing any book, chapter or verse of the Bible and have it instantly pop up! I have yet to actively pursue finding someone to code this for me, but there are numerous full versions of the Bible available for download in many formats.

FrugalBlogging.com – Launch a Successful Blog for Little to No Money

The idea for this one was to be a blog about blogging. Specifically, how to blog on-the-cheap. More specifically, tried and tested methods for marketing, advertising and promoting your blog for free. Getting high-quality graphics, content, designs, hosting and software that bloggers know and love for free or cheap. I love helping out fellow bloggers and have been known to give away domain names to those still using sub-domains. I would like to start this project, but I just don’t have time to write fresh content.

I could go on seemingly forever… but I would love to hear about some of your domains that you haven’t developed yet.  Please leave a comment below.  Maybe someone will be interested and want to work on it with you!


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