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5 Refreshing New Domain Name Portfolio Websites

By on November 18, 2010

I have previously hinted that design is going to become increasingly important for web business in my discussion on Right Brain Domaining. We want to be professional, inform and educate potential buyers and ultimately entice them to purchase domain names.

Building a domain portfolio website can be an extremely valuable resource for making domain sales.

As you read through my reviews of these 5 new domain portfolio websites, you will discover that there are many different variations in Domaining business style and marketing methods. These are all nice domain portfolio websites that can be effective in their own unique way.

Dandy Domains – This website represents an excellently designed and well-thought out Domaining business. Dandy Domains features testimonials from satisfied customers, bold call to actions and helpful visual cues. Upon visiting the website you can tell a lot of time and effort has gone into the business model. This reflects the fact that this company has probably been in the industry for many years.

The search form is very clean and features options to filter domain criteria, categories and price ranges. Dandy Domains has several articles about the company and domain industry practices.

Premium domains feature their own full page of content and a welcoming and simple contact form. Taking the time to do this can bring about valuable targeted search traffic to each domain sale page.

dnwired – This portfolio has been designed to look ultra professional.

While i’m not sure about the neon green font, the graphics do have an appealing touch. The multi-column layout lends the eye to move about the site in a orderly and thorough manner.

The dnwired site features some innovative service offerings. How about a free 5 page WordPress starter website with every domain purchase? That includes a logo design, hosting and consultation. They additionally have a page with extended and full web development packages.

You can make an offer on domains listed for sale at dnwired, but the buy-it-now prices are seemingly out of reach for most small business. Domains are priced well in excess of $10k unfortunately.

Domains New Media – This portfolio is laid out very well because it’s powered by WordPress. Even though it is a commonly used blog layout, the site features a lot of great content and a blog which is well suited for the platform.

This very large portfolio of high quality domain names is owned by industry veteran Skip Hoagland. Skip is the visionary behind numerous high profile geo-destinations such as Atlanta.com and MyrtleBeach.com.

The site features several top key niche categories with a simple alphabetized list of the domain portfolio. Each name is linked to a parked page, so you will need to use the contact form to inquire about domain purchases.

DomainNameSales.com – Frank Schilling’s new portfolio website has been around for many months now, but I couldn’t leave it off the list. This portfolio immediately represents a nod to category defining domain names.

Frank has returned to occasional blogging under this new domain. His editorials are always good for inspiration, educating on the value of domains and really seeing through the clouds towards the big landscape picture of our industry.

Frank’s portfolio receives dozens of purchase inquiries per day as detailed on the “Recent Action” page. The full portfolio is not actually listed. Interested parties will need to complete a keyword search to find targeted domains, but they are sure to be amazed by the results.

Many.co – I believe I discovered this large portfolio of one-word .CO domains through one of my Facebook contacts. While this portfolio is in Chinese, I wanted to feature it to show how effective and easy it can be to get a fully featured domain portfolio online.

In this case, Many.co is using the free DNSPortfolio script and has customized the design to a nice orange and silver color scheme. They have additionally used an eye-catching graphic set to feature some of the best domains.

Building Your Portfolio Website

I hope you learned a thing or two about the inner workings of a domain name portfolio website. Take the elements that work best for you to build your own marketplace and customer following.

These domain portfolio examples prove that good content, regular updates, a little love and innovation can go a long way towards building a nice web presence for your domain sales.

If you have any questions about setting up your own domain portfolio website, don’t hesitate to ask the DotSauce Q&A Forum community.


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