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Free Domain Name Portfolio Script

By on August 6, 2007

I am happy to share with you a great script used for managing, sorting, and promoting all of your domain names and websites in one place.

Domain Name Portfolio, created by SecondVersion, is an open-source PHP and MySQL based script for whipping your wild mass of domains and websites into shape.

Domainers today have portfolios of literally hundreds and thousands of domain names whereas managing even 25 domains can be quite a hassle as a sales person or developer. Once the quick installation on your server is completed, Domain Name Portfolio allows you to upload your bulk list of domains and append the following details to each name through a simple admin interface:

  • Expiration Dates
  • Domain Registrar
  • Asking Price (If for sale)
  • Status (For Sale, Make Offer, Not For Sale)
  • Customized Categories
  • Icon and link indicating Developed Sites
  • Secure contact form for purchase offers

To see a demo please view my personal installation of Domain Portfolio (Update: I no longer use this script.), which I must admit I am still working on. I am excited to customize the styling and categories for my domains and have aspirations to make this script the central hub for my domain sales in the near future.

Visit the official website to download the application for your own use, get details and installation info as well as donate to SecondVersion for making such a quality script available to the domaining community.


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