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Domain Madness Live Auction Right Now! Featuring A Small Ocean.com of Keyword Domains

By on April 13, 2011

The DomainConsultant.com team is hosting the third annual Domain Madness 3 auction event, live today at 2pm CST / 3pm EST. Excitement and anticipation has definitely been building up in recent weeks leading up to the event.

In less than 2 hours from the time of this posting Domain Madness will be underway. The auction closing and final bids will be broadcast here at that time.

Update: Domain Madness Auction Results

Domain Name News has reported the final sales figures for the auction. Ocean.com has been sold for $100,000 and 11 other domains including Irons.com, SmoothLegs.com and GasDeals.com made up an additional $61,000 in sales.

Live Broadcast at 3pm EST

Domain Madness Auction Inventory

I would like to quickly feature the inventory for your review and invite you to participate in the live auction event. There are no reserves and many reasonably priced keyword domains.

Several lots have already received bids and will be sold.

  • Ocean.com
  • FamilyVacation.com
  • Irons.com
  • MensJewelry.com
  • DomainDevelopment.com
  • HomeOwnerInsurance.com
  • HoneyBellOranges.com
  • Pig.com
  • LastMinDeals.com
  • Title.info
  • Gyrate.com
  • Waikiki.me
  • EliminateDebts.com
  • DrugDeal.com
  • DoubleOven.com
  • ZoomLens.com
  • Discount.us
  • ChildDevelopment.com
  • AutoRepairs.com
  • LimoRental/s.com
  • FinancialPlanners.com
  • OfficeScreens.com
  • BaseballTrainer.com
  • BasketballDrills.com
  • BaseballTicket.com
  • BaseballGame.com
  • NameGames.com
  • SingAlongs.com
  • SmoothLegs.com
  • StationaryStore.com
  • BigWinner.com
  • MagicSpell.com
  • iLoveShopping.com
  • FlowerBouquets.com
  • AthleticClubs.com
  • MiracleCream.com
  • Evenings.com
  • StayCool.com
  • GasDeals.com
  • LocalSupplier.com
  • ArmTattoos.com
  • GPSdevices.com
  • RefinanceCalculator.com
  • TanningStickers.com
  • CashBackCredit.com
  • JobResume.com
  • Cradle.net
  • CheckCard.net
  • Incentives.net
  • Champs.tv
  • RentHome.net
  • FlightSale.com
  • ForexCurrency.com
  • YellowstoneNationalPark.net
  • BroadbandProviders.com
  • RibSauce.com
  • OnlineTheft.com
  • BetterBody.com
  • SiteManagers.com
  • Bet.ws
  • Uncoordinated.com
  • TractionTires.com
  • ImpoundAuction.com
  • FreezerBurn.com
  • DrugDeals.com
  • BasketballDrills.com

For complete details visit the official Domain Madness 3 Auction page.

I wish all parties involved; buyers, sellers and the DomainConsultant team all the best during this premier auction.


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