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Domain Lookup Firefox Addon

By on March 12, 2008

domain lookup

I received an email today from Richard Kershaw, developer of a new Domain Lookup Firefox Extension. I installed the addon immediately and it works great. I can see myself using this daily for various WHOIS lookups.

What Does it Do?

Domain Lookup lets you perform one click domain searches at your registrar of choice using the selected (highlighted) text in your browser window.

An Example WHOIS Lookup

Simple and Easy to use: select the text for your domain search and hit the keyboard shortcut (CTRL + SHIFT + D). Or, you can right click for the contextual menu and hit “Domain Lookup for…”.


Text will be normalized, spaces and illegal characters removed.


Secure and Flexible

The Domain Lookup Firefox Addon does not log your domain searches. Your domain data is only used to trigger a WHOIS lookup at your domain registrar of choice.

You can choose from a wide variety of popular domain name registrars such as Moniker and GoDaddy to perform your WHOIS lookups.

Thanks for letting me know about the Domain Lookup Firefox addon Richard! I am definitely a big Firefox enthusiast and supporter. For those of you who have not been reading DotSauce for very long here is a listing of articles related to Firefox add ons, extensions, and tools.

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If you know of any other great Firefox addons to help web developers and domainers, please post a comment below. I would love to hear what you find useful for everyday tasks and domain research.


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