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Are These Domain Names Worth $19 Each? You Decide.

By on February 22, 2011

There have been some questions raised about DotSauce Domain Club pricing and whether or not members can make a profit reselling our domain inventory. After all, you can register a bunch of domains for cheap, right?

This list of domains from our inventory should prove that Domain Club membership is a better option than spending hours, even days finding comparable domains that are available to register. Our domains have great keywords that have obvious resale potential to a variety of industries.

Domain Club Inventory

The following domains are available to purchase by members for just $19 each.

Thank you for reviewing the initial Domain Club inventory. More domains will be added on a regular basis.

Can you see the resale value of these domains is potentially many times your small investment of $19? A single flip could cover your membership fees for over a year and allow you to buy more from our quality inventory. And that’s just the beginning of the value in Domain Club membership.

Getting Started

Consider joining the DotSauce Domain Club today to get first choice of these quality domains.

Membership plans start at just $14 per month and give access to added features and exclusive services like our affiliate program, personal consultation, free domain tools and domaining resources.

If you have any questions, please let us know! See you on the inside.


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