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November Domain Name Clearance

By on November 4, 2009

November is my favorite month of the year. The winter holidays are just around the corner. We’re all working towards rounding out a solid year of growth and preparing to tackle 2010.

I don’t get to promote my own portfolio very much. As a matter of fact, the majority of these domains have never been offered for sale before.

Browse the unique categories below to find what interests you. There are a lot of quality domains, priced to sell!

This sale will only last through November 30th.

Domains will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Please use this contact form with any questions or to purchase domains.

Brandable Names


$99 Your Choice!

  • Skurb.com
  • Frawn.com
  • Turpe.com

$199 Your Choice!

  • Huged.com
  • Dydas.com
  • Cozers.com
  • Hapse.com

$249 Your Choice

  • ShortPress.com
  • ElectricWebsites.com

$449 Brands

  • Jabsy.com
  • Rarsy.com

The App Store

App Domains

$149 Your Choice

  • WordFuse.com
  • BidPosts.com
  • GroupWords.com
  • SwiftPic.com
  • CaptionGame.com

$449 Your Choice

  • TelephonePrank.com
  • TweetToolbar.com

Business Builders

Business Domains

$149 Your Choice

  • ProgressBusiness.com
  • InvestmentWave.com
  • CentEvent.com

$249 Your Choice

  • ListLead.com
  • ReferralSale.com
  • SimplySubscribe.com
  • ArticleSponsor.com

Designer Special

$149 Your Choice

  • DomainsLogo.com
  • DesignerNotebook.com
  • DesignerCSS.com

$449 – Think logo + portfolio…

  • Logolio.com

$249 Keyword Phrase

  • WebDesignCritique.com

Web Developer Special

Web Development Potential

$89 Your Choice

  • BumpLink(s).com
  • LovableLinks.com
  • FeedPromote.com
  • BooksChat.com

$249 Your Choice

  • PHPMod.com
  • SaleDuJour.com
  • LinkCoupons.com

$299 Your Choice

  • RSSRevolution.com
  • ScriptPortfolio.com

$349 Websites

Reseller Special

Reseller Deals

$89 Your Choice

  • GemstoneDiamonds.com
  • ExperiencedAccountant.com
  • HolidayDonations.com
  • DeliciousMenu.com
  • ExtendedVersion.com
  • JuniorSurfing.com

$249 Your Choice

  • ImmediateLegal.com
  • ApartmentsGreenville.com

Product Domains


$99 Your Choice

  • TreeBlossoms.com
  • FreeVase.com

$149 Your Choice

  • HackSentry.com
  • SkateboardGrip.com
  • PepperBacon.com

$199 Your Choice

  • TouchWifi.com
  • DualWifi.com

$349 Your Choice

  • RouterAntenna.com
  • DiscSet.com

All domains are registered at GoDaddy for a quick and easy transfer of ownership. Payments will be accepted through PayPal for verified buyers.

Remember, Sale Ends November 30th!

Please contact me directly by email at [email protected] or, if you prefer, use this contact form with any questions or to purchase domains.


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