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Domain Buzz: This Week in Domaining

By on February 24, 2008

Sometimes running a magazine style blog has it’s drawbacks. For example, I am hesitant to post short bits of news. Alot of times I have some very cool resources or news bits to share that do not require an entire article to be written.

I would like to alleviate my dilemma by either having a separate “side blog” of short news or a weekly recap of highlight industry happenings. So, this is my first step towards making that happen.

I give you the weekly “Domain Buzz!

Highlighted Articles and News from Feb. 18th – 24th

  • SimplyGeo sheds light on a new project, an industry first Geo Domaining Network: “Many of you have sent many emails asking what services are coming and when. It has taken alot of work to get this far and much more work still needs to be done. This has been done in 3 months time since launching the blog in December.
  • The .Travel Domain Registry has been sold shortly after landrush: “The owners of the .travel gTLD, The Globe, announced they will sell the Tralliance registry to The Registry Management Company LLC, a privately held entity controlled by Michael S. Egan, theglobe.com’s Chairman, CEO and controlling investor.
  • DomainNews published an editorial on branding registrations or buying established brands: “Build versus buy? While newer to the domain name paradigm, this question has been pondered for time immemorial.
  • Michael Gilmore has posted TRAFFIC Show Presentations for download: “So far TRAFFIC has been an outstanding success with the focus on Transparency really hit a nerve with all stakeholders. TRAFFIC Vegas 2008 presentations are ‘Transparency and Standards’, and ‘Gaining Advertiser Trust’
  • 4LetterNoob has released an updated LLLL.com Price Guide for Feb 2008: “Current prices reflect the results of the 442 reported LLL.com sales within the Feb 10, 2008 through Feb 17, 2008 timeframe.
  • DotSauce Article – Sneak Peek into the Tucows, Inc. Domain Portfolio: “The company holds a domain name portfolio of over 150,000 domain names that are available for sale. View a sample of 100 of their premium domain names.
  • DotSauce Article – TRAFFIC Las Vegas – $4.3 Million Live Auction Results: “The Traffic Live Auction produced $4,247,950 total domain sales. Many premium domain names were sold and many more unfortunately did not meet their reserves.
  • DomainBits has published a comprehensive guide to domain name auctions: “Domain auctions are one of the most important market venues for a domainer… In this article, I provide a list of the main domain auctions that are held. As the market is quickly changing, I will keep this list updated over time.
  • DomainNews reports the .Asia landrush opening with 300,000 registrations: “.Asia Internet domain, is happy to announce the successful launch of its Landrush period. A total of 266,663 applications were received by the registry within the first 24 hours of the Landrush, demonstrating great interest from around the world to stake claims in the most prestigious cyber real estate in Asia.
  • Sahar Sarid announces details about the upcoming Bido.com domaining suite of tools: “While the auction components of BIDO are being polished for release, you can start using DNZoom By Bido today, our state-of-the-art portfolio management web application.

There you have it! I should mention you can also find updates and resources such as those listed above at the DotSauce Forums, registration is free and premium access is only $10.

Please leave a comment if you would like to see a regular “Domain Buzz” post here on DotSauce with all the biggest news from the domain industry.


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