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Domain Buzz: This Week in Domaining

By on April 27, 2008

Domain Buzz Issue #6 – Top Domain Articles and News

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Listed below are the top news stories, announcements and articles from the domain industry that happened this past week.

April 20th through April 27th

  • DotSauceGoDaddy simplifies domain ownership transfer process: “Sellers no longer have to ask the new owner their mailing address, phone number and other private contact information.
  • SimplyGeo reports on the fraudulent listing of Atlanta.com on Sedo: “The person who listed Atlanta.com for sale is based in Spain and was attempting to defraud someone for alot of money.
  • Rick Latona tells us the history of his domain Iran.com: “My new thinking is that I’m going to develop it as a full-blown tourist and business destination site like I’d do with any other GEO domain. My thinking is that I’m going to give the country the respect that it deserves.
  • SimplyGeo acquires GeoDomains.com and discusses plans for development: “We have big plans in store for both domains that will bring value and publicity to this maturing industry. In the end, it will benefit all geo domain owners and media companies who embrace geo domains.
  • Quick tip from DotWeekly about linking directly to a SnapName auction: “So I have been listing several domain names for sale on SnapNames.com and I was upset that there was no way that I had known to “Direct Link” to my specific domain name…
  • Two men campaign for a new .ENG domain extension: “Every other country has specific domains, or at least campaigns but we just have .co.uk. We think this would be a good way for people to show their patriotism online.
  • DotSauceFacebook Lexicon: Tracking Keyword Popularity Over Time: “Lexicon looks at the usage of words and phrases on profile, group and event Walls (comment areas).
  • Unregistered Domain Names List #55: “40 available domain names hand picked by Mr. NameClerk
  • DomainBits alerts us about some deceptive practices going on at Sedo: “Office.net caught my attention. I wanted to place a bid, but because the bidding was so low for what is such a great domain, I hesitated. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Dot Asia Landrush Auction Starts Up: “22nd April 2008 – The Landrush auction process has just started for .Asia domain names and any customers, who have applied for a .Asia domain going through the auction, can now bid from the AsiaDNS website.
  • DomainerDeveloepr shares his experiences from the DomainTools San Fransisco domain auction: “There were a lot of good buys made in the auction today. Nothing big though, in fact the highest price paid was $25K for debug.com – which in my opinion was a steal.
  • DNXPERT reports Barrack Obama’s website was hacked: “A cross scripting security vulnerability on BarackObama.com community blogs has been exploited to redirect visitors to HillaryClinton.com

There you have this week in domaining! Stay tuned for featured articles from DotSauce throughout the week and a new issue of “Domain Buzz” next Sunday.

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