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Domain Buzz: This Week in Domaining

By on March 23, 2008

Domain Buzz Issue #5 – Top Domain Articles and News

This week held alot of activity and quality editorial articles worth noting, so the list is quote long! Grab a drink, relax and enjoy because each of this week’s Domain Buzz references has some great information to absorb.

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Listed below are the top news stories, announcements and articles from the domain industry that happened this past week.

March 16th through March 23rd

  • DotSauce Article – WordFuse – Available Domain Lists For Sale: “Introducing the newest member of the DotSauce Network. We use many professional tools, scripts, applications and exclusive techniques to find available domain names for you!
  • DotSauce Article – Facebook: Social Domaining: “Facebook and other social networks will play a large role in the ever increasing exposure of the domaining industry in the next couple years. The closer we work together and learn from each other the better and more profitable our businesses will become.
  • SS.com sold for $1.25 million to Nazi supporter?: “SS.com (should) be a carefully-guarded commodity, never to be placed in the hands of a buyer with Nazi or supremacist affiliations. And yet, it appears that the unfortunate happened. As seen at this press release by Australia-based J.C. Geaney, the domain SS.com has been apparently bought for the price of $1.25 million dollars.
  • DomainerDeveloper on ‘Web 3.0’ and Beyond…: “The tools are here now. There’s no reason for you (or me) to continue cowering in the corner and delaying progress on the immediate development of our dream sites.
  • Predictive Domaining describes how to find available domains from press releases: “Press releases are another source of domain name inspiration. They can point you to hot commercial areas.
  • Yofie’s introduction to developing sites with WordPress: “I myself am more into domain names then building web sites, but when I found out how easy it is to create sites using WordPress, I have been building a great deal of them.
  • Sahar breaks down how he evaluates domains beyond traffic numbers: “Too many in the domain industry are buying domains solely based on traffic, not understanding that traffic is one aspect of the domain, and really isn’t the main one.
  • Leggo My Eggo.com!: “Kellogg North America Company, which sells frozen waffles under the “Eggo” brand, has lost a domain dispute for the domain Eggo.com.
  • Video Interview: Michael Gilmour on Transparency: “Video was shot at the Bido.com launch party at the Tao restaurant, Las Vegas.
  • DotSauce Article – The Zen and Art of Domain Flipping: “Domain Flipping means taking the time to create a high-quality website on your domain with well-written content that your visitors are looking for. Rather than making your domain a portal to content, put the content on your site!
  • Elliot discusses how domain names can be a gateway to successful businesses: “Domain ownership breaks down some of the barriers of entry in an industry, and it allows you to jump right in feet first.

There you have this week in domaining! Stay tuned for featured articles from DotSauce throughout the week and a new issue of “Domain Buzz” next Sunday.

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