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Domain Buzz: This Week in Domaining

By on March 17, 2008

Domain Buzz Issue #4 – Top Domain Articles and News

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This week’s biggest domain news is about the new world-record domain sale of Fund.com for $10 million.

Listed below are the top news stories, announcements and articles from the domain industry that happened this past week.

March 9th through March 16th

  • DotSauce Article – CNN Reports New World-Record $10 Million Domain Sale: “Clek Media Inc. announced today via CNN Money that it has brokered the world-record sale of the domain Fund.com for an all-cash transaction of $9,999,950!
  • Michael Gilmour discusses the relationship between the domain industry and Google: “When we analyzed the results, we were shocked. We didn’t expect to see that domain park sites can bring in the quality of traffic necessary to result in twice the conversion rates, at a cost-per-click that’s equal to that of search.
  • A response to the Snowe Bill from Michael Collins, Director of the Internet Commerce Association: “…this is an ineffective anti-phishing bill and an overreaching trademark bill. Let’s work together to stop this bad trademark bill and then help Congress to do some really effective work on phishing.
  • DNFlipper shares some advice on not getting scammed when buying domains: “As the domaining industry becomes more popular scam artists find a growing market to profit from. With a growing number of places to buy domain names how can you make sure you’re really getting the deal you think you are?
  • DotSauce Article – Domain Lookup Firefox Addon: “Domain Lookup lets you perform one click domain searches at your registrar of choice using the selected (highlighted) text in your browser window.
  • DNW reports that Google will allow advertisers to opt-out of displaying on parked domain names: “Google Adwords has added a new feature that allows advertisers to exclude ads from showing up on domain parking sites.

There you have this week in domaining! Stay tuned for featured articles from DotSauce throughout the week and a new issue of “Domain Buzz” next Sunday.

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