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Domain Buzz: This Week in Domaining

By on March 10, 2008

Domain Buzz Issue #3 – Top Domain Articles and News

The “Domain Buzz” feature will usually be published each Sunday afternoon.

I have been busy working on some spring cleaning for DotSauce, migrating to a great new web host and implementing some new additions. I also have several other projects for the DotSauce Network on the table which I will announce later this week.

This week’s biggest domain news involved an uproar from the domaining community with regards to a new senate bill proposal, “Anti-Phishing” bill which could threaten domain owner property and privacy.

Listed below are the top news stories, announcements and articles from the domain industry that happened this past week.

March 3rd through March 10th

  • DotSauce Article – Senate “Anti-Phishing” Bill Threatens Domain Owners and Small Business: “Over 1400 people so far have participated and signed the petition showing their support against this supposed “‘anti-phishing’ bill.
  • Recap of Sedo’s second GreatDomains domain auction: “A six-figure bid for Eggs.com valued at $112,500. In addition, bids that surpassed $25,000 were placed on appartment.com, handhelds.com and bobbleheads.com.
  • US Government blacklist insights eNom to disable domains: “The New York Times has an interesting story about Steve Marshall, an English travel agent who lives in Spain, sells trips to Europeans who want to go to sunny places, including Cuba, and in October found about 80 of his web sites stopped working, thanks to the United States government.
  • DomainerTV Video: Don Ham discussing Domain Monetization: “(Discussing HitFarm Parking) At the end of the day it’s all about best monetization. We want to innovate and look for any areas where we can maximize revenue.
  • Yofie shares some of his favorite domaining tools: “Here is a list of several great tools that you should be using if you purchase domain names.
  • Verisign showing over 153 Million domains registered to date and over 33 million registered in 2007: “This represents a 27 percent increase over the same quarter last year, and 5 percent growth over the third quarter of 2007.
  • Available Domain Names List #37 & Available Domain Names List #3880 total unregistered domain names by Bill Eisenmann (aka NameClerk)
  • Elliot talks about the benefits of direct ad sales for websites: “Direct advertising sales can be the greatest source of revenue for a website. Instead of relying on Adsense or other advertising network where you are paid per click…
  • DomainerDeveloper features a profile on Jeffrey Behrendt of DomainBits.com: “Jeffrey Behrendt is definitely a master domainer who is actively reserving his spot among the major league players.
  • Michael Gilmour reports on a partnership forming between DarkBlueSea and GoDaddy: “DBS has secured Godaddy as a growing major shareholder. Upon signing and meeting set sales targets Godaddy is ably to purchase up to 6.5 million DBS shares at 65 cents per share.
  • DNJournal coverstory on Oversee.net CEO Lawrence Ng: “How Oversee.net Co-Founder and CEO Lawrence Ng Built a Company with $200 Million in Annual Revenue Before His 30th Birthday

There you have this week in domaining! Stay tuned for featured articles from DotSauce throughout the week and a new issue of “Domain Buzz” next Sunday.

Please drop by the DotSauce Forums (registration is free) to discuss the latest and greatest in domain industry news.


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