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Domain Buzz: This Week in Domaining

By on March 2, 2008

Domain Buzz Issue #2 – Top Domain Articles and News

The “Domain Buzz” feature will be published each Sunday afternoon.

Thank you to everyone who responded to last week’s Domain Buzz.

Listed below are the top news stories, announcements and articles from the domain industry that happened this past week.

Feb. 25th through Mar. 2nd

  • DotSauce Article – Publishers: How to bypass AdBlock Plus and other ad blocking software: “AdBlock software can often break design elements of your website or make certain areas look awkward. Banner impressions will rise which in turn allows you to charge a higher price for your ad space.
  • Yahoo Search Marketing implements dynamic minimum bid on keywords: “In the next several weeks, we will start calculating a variable minimum bid for some of the keywords you’re bidding on. That means that sometimes the minimum bid may be lower than 10¢. Sometimes it may be higher.
  • Rick Latona launched a new blog and email newsletter featuring discounts on high quality domain names: “All year I will continue to sell one to five names a day at stupid low prices. I’ll flood the market with bargains when everyone else is too scared to sell their precious names too cheap.
  • SimplyGEO published an inspiring article on the future of Local Advertising online: “We are going to see alot of the local platform companies, IYP, and other local technology companies move into the Domain expo/conference arena in the coming months. Everything is going from global to local on the internet…
  • Dominik Mueller reports on the highest domain sale of 2008, DataRecovery.com for $1.7 million: “ESS Data Recovery paid $1.7 million for the domain name, which makes this the highest reported domain sale of the year. The company will forward it to its existing, established website. It said it had bought the domain to set itself apart from the growing number of new data recovery companies…
  • Sahar Sarid announces the launch of Bido.com preview site, domain tools and auctions: “We still need to polish the pages a little bit and still have allot of work ahead of us in the next three weeks before we start running auctions (March 20th, the first day of Spring).
  • Available Domains List #35: “Here are 40 more domains that are all available at the time of this post.
  • DotSauce Article – “Download: The True Story of the Internet” Premiers Monday March 3rd: “About the internet revolution of the last 10 years. The founders of eBay, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Netscape and many others tell the personal stories of how they made their untold billions in this short time period.

There you have this week in domaining! Stay tuned for featured articles from DotSauce throughout the week and “Domain Buzz #3” next Sunday.

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