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Modern Domainer’s “Domain Blog Bible” to Feature DotSauce

By on June 30, 2008

Seth Coman, Director of Marketing at Modern Domainer Magazine recently posted this announcement about their “Domain Blog Bible.” This issue special will feature the top 12 domaining blogs and DotSauce is honored to be included! We can’t wait to see what Modern Domainer has to say about us!

Domain Blog Bible: Volume 1

Modern Domainer is pleased to announce the launch of our eagerly anticipated Blog Bible Issue (Vol. 1). We’ve scoured the top 12 domaining blogs for the biggest news stories, most insightful observations and hottest tips that the industry’s most respected names have reported in 2007. Volume 1 will feature Sahar Sarid’s The Conceptualist, Rick Schwartz’s Rick’s Blog, Elliot Silver’s Elliot’s Blog, Rick Latona’s RickLatona.com, Mark Fulton’s Dot Sauce and Frank Schilling’s Seven Mile Blog. Also in this issue is an exclusive look at the .ME ccTLD, a legal overview of the Snowe Bill, and all the show coverage and regular columns that you’ve come to love. Volume 2 will feature DomainNews.com amongst others…

So watch your mailbox for our sixth issue with everything you’ll need to break-in, keep up or get ahead. Please visit www.moderndomainer.com for more information and subscription requests.


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