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Disclosing Registrars: Why It Might Not Be a Good Idea

By on December 15, 2007

An idea has occurred to me after browsing thousands of domain sales listings over the years. On private portfolio websites, forums and other domain sales marketplaces, telling buyers where your domains are registered may not be so good for sales. My reasoning behind this theory is that, no matter the quality, if you’re domain is at some obscure or less-popular registrar it will turn off a buyer immediately.

What you want to do is let the buyer make an instinctive purchase decision based on quality and need of your domain name. I personally have found myself ready to purchase an after-market domain only to read the fine print that it is registered at JoeSchmoe Registrar Inc. instead of my preferred registrar, GoDaddy.

However, it is important to note that many domain industry forums require you to list registrar information. You should abide by the rules at all times in these instances. If you have your own portfolio software such as SecondVersion’s free Domain Name Portfolio, I would suggest you opt to leave all mention of registrar empty.

If a buyer truly wants to buy your domain name he will pay you and takes steps to acquire it regardless of where it’s located.

What are your thoughts and experiences? Please leave a comment.


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