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World’s First Virtual Riot – Starring Digg

By on May 2, 2007

Digg.com bans a user for posting the HD-DVD encryption key that was recently cracked.

The worlds first virtual riot ensues.

The number — a “processing key” — was discovered by Doom9 message-board poster muslix64, who was frustrated by his inability to play his lawfully purchased HD-DVD movies because of failure in the anti-copying system.

Here is a blog post by the head honchos at Digg on the matter and a later post from Kevin Rose.

Google lists 56,500 pages that contain the number, most of them posted in the past few days in response to the story of AACS LA’s letters. So much for keeping it a secret.

A host of other blog posts on the Digg implosion have been appearing all over the net today:
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