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Valuate.com Crowdsourced Domain Research Experiment

By on May 19, 2010

SquadHelp hosts contests for domain name suggestions, article writing, marketing and usability testing. I came up with an experiment to see if it would be possible to crowdsource domain name research through their platform.

The contest is now live on SquadHelp. I am asking participants to check their submissions with Valuate.com to confirm a domain appraises at least $500.

Other requirements of the contest include:

  • Two-words
  • .Com
  • No porn
  • No Trademarks
  • No numbers
  • No hyphens

The reward is $50 to any domain selected. For complete details, visit the contest page.

There is already some skepticism by members at SquadHelp, which I completely expected. Here is the first submission, which prompted a good laugh.

What some potential participants may not understand is that a Valuate appraisal of $500 is not exceptional. Francois Carrillo, owner of Valuate and partner site, BargainDomains.com defines a $1000 valuation as an assurance of “minimum quality.”

As it turns out, the contest may provide exposure to the “real” domain industry. I would like to see SquadHelp members discover new tools and metrics for researching domains and understand that their is a thriving aftermarket of great domains.

Let the Pros Join In

I was going to wait until a later date to write about this, but I’m honestly not very optimistic about the quality of submissions I will be receiving. Maybe you could help me change my mind.

I’d like to invite anyone interested in joining the contest to do so. Registration will only take a minute or two and I’m sure many experienced domainers will have little trouble finding domains with a Valuate.com appraisal of $500 or more.

Once you’ve found one or more domains suitable for competition, please submit them to the contest.

You may see your name on the Winners List soon!

I look forward to sharing the results of the contest here on DotSauce next week.


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