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Creative Marketing with Domain Names

By on June 2, 2007

Rob of SearchDomainsForSale.com has published a list of 190 creative domains so far that are used by major international corporations as marketing tools. The interesting thing about all of these names is that none of them directly mention the company’s brand name.

This is promising for domainers who hold quality keyword names in their portfolios as the reach of the domain industry continues to skyrocket.

The purchase, development and marketing of non-brand domain names to promote an existing, nationally known brand names is a cutting edge marketing idea. This method gives ad agencies and brands the ability to monitor traffic to the non-branded web site allowing them to better track their campaigns. Also, developers and marketing agencies do not need access to the corporate or main brand site for development and statistics.

Here is a handful of excellent examples from the list of creative marketing use domains:

  • Bayer – WonderDrug.com
  • California Milk Advisory Board – RealCaliforniaCheese.com
  • Dasani – MakeYourMouthWater.com
  • Discovery Channel – Planet-Earth.com
  • Glad – 1000Uses.com
  • Hilton Hotels – BeHospitable.com
  • US Air Force – DoSomethingAmazing.com

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