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Corruption and Scandal, One ICANN Insider Speaks Out

By on May 1, 2007

In a recent and in-depth interview by The Register, one of the original board members of ICANN, Mr. Karl Auerbach speaks out on various touchy subjects regarding the organization.

…well, I’ve been associated with ICANN since before there was an ICANN.

It is amazing how much ICANN resembles the old USSR. ICANN is very much like central bureaucracy that is drawing up five year plans for the internet. And like the USSR that had a never ending problem with getting the right products to customers, ICANN has warped internet innovation in the domain name space with enough red tape to choke a Godzilla or two.

Take a moment to read this article and tell a friend, insider information such as disclosed in this interview is all too often kept behind closed doors and most definitely not publicized enough. Auerbach is questioned on various aspects of the domain registration industry, his history and experiences with ICANN while a board member, ICANN’s relationship with VeriSign, corruption, security, RegisterFly, monopolization, and the future of ICANN.

Same for TLDs – if the applicant (countries) is willing to abide by broadly accepted and used written internet technical standards then the applicant ought to get the TLD, otherwise not. There is no need for massively expensive and massively subjective beauty contests.

ICANN is smothering the internet in a way not far different from the way that J D Rockefeller smothered the oil industry.

You can find all of Auerbach’s insight into these controversial topics in this full interview. Many people now believe that ICANN needs to be dissolved and taken over by an organization such as the U.N. It has evolved into a governing body which has not subjected itself to any checks and balances. Please post your stance in the comments section.


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