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ComWired: Earning More Money From the Same Domain Traffic

By on March 4, 2009

With the economic downturn most people are doing everything they can to save a few dollars.  Whether it is clipping coupons or just plain cutting back, everyone is trying to find ways to make their money stretch a bit more.

Looking at it from the other perspective (as a domainer and a business person) you should always be on the hunt for ways to make more money from the traffic your domains already receive.

In my TRAFFIC Down Under presentation I listed a number of ways to help make more money from the same traffic source.  But today, I come to you with a new way (or at least a new spin on old ideas) to make more money with your same ol’ traffic.

comwired.pngComWired.com is a Geo Directional DNS service that allows a domainer to split up the traffic coming to a domain in order to parse it out by region.  What exactly does that mean?

Well, let’s take a step back and explore why traffic splitting is even useful.

About two years ago I owned a “tube” domain name that was getting about 200 unique visitors a day.  Half of the traffic was from Latin America and those visitors were looking for a youtube.com type clone, while half of the traffic was from the United States and those visitors were looking for manufacturing tubes.  No matter how I optimized the domain name I was never able to make full use of the traffic.  This meant that I could never truly make as much money as was possible since I couldn’t parse the traffic out.

That has all changed now.  With ComWired we are able to identify the location (down to a 30 mile radius) of the traffic and then route it to different destinations based off of your predefined rules.

This means you can “park” your domain name with ComWired and then setup where you want your traffic to go based on its country of origin.  Using that same “tube” domain as an example, you could:

  • Send all American Traffic and All European Traffic to NameDrive.com
  • Send all Latin American Traffic to Parked.com
  • Send all African and Asian Traffic to TrafficZ.com
  • Send all remaining traffic to any other place you want.

Then, for whatever reason, if you wanted to change your traffic destinations, you just login to ComWired and redirect the traffic based on your preferences.

To make matters even easier you can just do logical grouping based on GEO location.  This would entail directing all of your traffic to ComWired.com and then redirecting all of your traffic of certain types to singular parking companies.  Basically put, you could segregate all traffic based on geo and then send it to whatever parking company you feel monetizes it the best.

So, this service helps stretch your traffic a bit further while giving you much more control on how your traffic is distributed.  In the end, it means more money for you.

Currently our system is in beta mode so we are not charging anything.  It’s 100% free for right now and there is no credit card required in order to signup.  That means there is absolutely no downside and no risk.

Have fun making more money with the same traffic!

Happy Domaining!

sean-stafford.jpgThis is a guest post by Sean Stafford, founder of Domain Graduate, Site Graduate and newly launched ComWired DNS service.  You can connect with Sean on Facebook here.


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