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Compete – Analyzing the Web Beyond Traffic Numbers

By on May 15, 2007

Compete, Inc. has been in the private traffic and marketing research business for years. Just this year they have opened up their services for free public use. At Compete.com you can enter domains to compare and analyze web traffic and other trends. This service pulls data from more than 2 million users and growing daily. You can download the compete toolbar to help contribute to this research, it will also provide access to stats directly from your browser.

The Compete service can be compared to Alexa‘s popular Traffic ranking system. Compete ranks the top one million websites based on the number of People in the U.S. that the domain attracts each month. However, there are many more new and interesting research options available on Compete.

  • People Count (Visitors)
  • Popularity Rank (Top 1 Million domains)
  • Visits (Includes Returning Visits)
  • Attention (Percentage of time spent on a domain compared to all time spent online)
  • Average Stay (How long unique users stay)
  • Pages Per Visit (Average page views per unique visitor)
  • Velocity (Growth of visitor attention over time)

Video Interview – David Cancel, co-founder and CTO of Compete, Inc. talks on the ScobleShow Podcast about Compete’s Web traffic analytics service and trends he’s seeing in Web traffic.

Be sure to visit the official Compete Blog where they often post interesting charts on web trends and marketing patterns. Here are some interesting example charts generated with Compete featuring high-traffic domains.

Search Engine Wars

Search Engine Growth

What is Velocity? – Velocity reports the relative change in daily Attention.

Web 2.0 Boom

Web Trends in Retail


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