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Triple’s Christmas Game: Play and Win a Free Domain

By on December 21, 2007

Around Thanksgiving I announced a big promotion where Triple got into the giving holiday spirit with free domain names promotion. Well they are back at it again for Christmas time and now it’s even easier and much more fun!

Santa is Working Overtime

With regards to all the hard work Santa Clause has to do each Christmas like worrying about schedules and snow storms, heatwaves in Australia and whether or not he’s going to fit down all those chimneys, Triple.com has released a challenging flash game where YOU can lend a helping hand and help Santa get all his presents delivered on time.


Play and Win a Free Domain

The top 333 high scores before Jan. 1st will all win a free domain name registration! Currently there are only a fraction of that number on the high score board. So, chances are if you take a minute to play you will get a free domain name. As it turns out, the game is pretty tough. I made it level 3 (of 10) with a score of 411. Try and beat that!

You will need to sign up for a free Triple account and then click here to launch the Christmas game and help Santa out. Enjoy and happy holidays.


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