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Profit from ccTLD Domain Names with $3000 A Day Domainer

By on March 13, 2009

I’m sure many of you have seen the buzz that $3000 A Day Domainer is making in the domain industry.  Opening up our eyes to a new and promising opportunity to profit from country-code domain names.

Industry leaders like Rick Latona and Sahar Sarid have recognized the potential for success in ccTLDs.  Rick Latona’s new ccTLD forum has just launched and has over 400 members in just a couple days.

Who is $3000 A Day Domainer?

The website is run by a very experienced ccTLD domain investor, obviously so because he shows us proof of making $3000 a day through Sedo parking!

He is launching this campaign to promote the ccTLD industry because it will increase the value of his own domains, as many of us should be preaching the good word of .COM domains.

What Do I Get Out of the Newsletter?

After receiving a few newsletters, I was very impressed with the quality real-world information and practical advice $3000 A Day Domainer provides to his subscribers.

Not only do you get invaluable information and ccTLD news, but often great video tutorials.  Here is a list of the content you get instant access to once you confirm your email newsletter:

  • Quick Video Follow up
  • Still skeptical about ccTLDs?
  • (New Video) – All Your ccTLD Questions Answered
  • (New Video) – Possible Hidden Profit Opportunity
  • How To Assure Your Success In ccTLDs
  • ccTLD Investing Starting Point
  • Basic ccTLD Research
  • We Want To Buy Your ccTLD Portfolio
  • ccTLD Resource List & Reading Material
  • Why haven’t you invested in ccTLD domains?
  • Its A Must To Take Advantage of Price Specials

I suggest you subscribe to the newsletter now to start learning about ccTLDs and watch these cool videos!

Exclusive Video Sample

Here is an exclusive video from $3000 A Day Domainer featuring yet another great opportunity to invest in ccTLDs, specifically the upcoming landrush of Columbia’s upcoming .CO domain name.

This has profit potential for various reasons explained in the video with an insider tip for getting ahead of the game.

Lots more where that came from at $3000 A Day Domainer, go subscribe!


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