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OPEN Forum Clued In On Buying Multiple Domain Names for Business

By on April 18, 2011

Ivana Taylor is a Marketing Strategist for DIYMarketers.com and an American Express OPEN Forum contributor. In her latest article, Why You Need Multiple Domain Names, Ivana makes a strong case for business owners to capitalize on the value of owning descriptive domains. She explains that keywords related to your products and services not only offer brand protection, but can drive traffic and new business.

Many times domains related to your business may even be available to register for a low yearly fee. Ivana recalled a time when she found many domains for a business, “…you’d think that just about every obvious name had been taken, but this is just not true. Especially if you’re selling into a specialty niche, market or industry.

Considering that if a single domain generates just a handful of leads it will more than pay for itself, this is not an opportunity to be missed. It’s pretty amazing that it has taken this long for many online marketers and business owners to realize this important marketing strategy.

Four Benefits of Descriptive Domains

In her article on OPEN Forum, Ivana covers four points on the importance of owning descriptive domain names that I would like to share.

1. Own the entire market space – Get seen by customers searching for your services and not just your company name.

2. Build brand value and dollar value – Ivana recommends, “Instead of location, location, location, you want to be thinking keywords, keywords, keywords. Owning the most popular words that a target customer will use when they are looking for your product is like money in the bank.

3. Rank higher on search enginesGoogle gives some weight to keyword domain names.

4. Get more exposure – Ivana describes another key benefit; “By owning more domains, your products, services and company will get more exposure to your target audience… Buying up domain names that contain descriptive keywords of your products and services increases your likelihood of being found by your ideal customer.

Finding Related Keyword Domains

The new TailWords keyword tool recently featured on DotSauce should prove to be useful for finding related keyword domains that are available to register. The key stat is daily search volume. If you can find a domain representing a high-volume search there is promise for generating leads.

For truly high-quality descriptive domains that drive a lot of traffic you will likely need to research domains featured on popular domain marketplaces and auctions or make offers directly to owners for domains of interest.

Ivana suggests forwarding your new domains to relevant pages on your site. You could also use them as landing pages for PPC campaigns, special marketing campaigns, forward to your homepage or create a sister website. How do you use keyword domain names to boost business?


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