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POLL: Do You Buy Expired Domains?

By on June 2, 2009

Many of us missed out on the dot com rush, but that doesn’t mean that the domaining industry is slowing down one bit or that you completely missed the boat.

The nature of a domain registration will continue to provide virtually infinite opportunity for domainers, simply because of the fact that names expire.

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Many domains will be held on to for decades, but the majority of domains will find their way through the proverbial domain recycling plants.

If they are lucky little expired domain names they may end up at SnapNames, NameJet, TDNAM or Pool.com with multiple people vying to be their new owner or a special name may find a new home after becoming available a short time.

Expired domains keep our industries’ wheels turning and money in our pockets!

If you want to take advantage of the expired domain market and get top expired domain picks from myself, please fill out your name and email here…

This brief newsletter gets sent out about every 2 weeks and contains a list of valuable expired domains that have become available to register on a first come first serve basis.


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