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Bring A Friend Giveaway Ends Tuesday

By on January 12, 2008

Our original plan for this contest was to break 500 RSS feed subscribers, but we have already blown past that and are working on 600! Thanks to some scandalous news in the domain industry about a certain shady company, traffic at DotSauce spiked pretty high this week, and subsequently the boost in subscribers.

You have a few more days to be entered to win these great prizes!

Giveaway Prizes

Simply sign up yourself and/or get some friends to subscribe by email to DotSauce Magazine before Jan 15th @ 12pm EST and you could win one of these prizes! (Subscribe now at the red box on the right!)

How to Win!

There are a few ways to earn points for this contest.
Each point earns you an extra chance to win a prize.

1 Point – Current email subscribers get a point by default.
1 Point – Subscribe by email to DotSauce Magazine updates.
2 Points – Each and every friend you get to subscribe earns you 2 points!

Make sure to contact us when your friends subscribe to get the extra credits! You will need to include their email addresses. It’s OK if you or your friends unsubscribe after the giveaway is over, but we think you’ll like the hot articles from DotSauce and continue to stay up to date.

Thanks for your support!

Winners will be drawn randomly and announced on Tuesday afternoon. You can view the original contest post here for terms and conditions.


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