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Bido.com Daily Domain Auction Starts Up Feb. 19th

By on February 17, 2009

Bido is an innovative domain auction platform featuring a single high-quality domain name each day.  Bidding starts at just $1 at 1PM EST everyday with no-reserve price.

Each domain listing features expert commentary on the value and potential as a website or brand.  Occasionally you will see me personally providing my commentary on domain names.  You can view my Bido Expert profile. (Requires login)

On February 19th at 1PM EST the auctions will continue, featuring EquityGrant.com which has already received some commentary to the effect that this isn’t a valuable domain.  You have to remember though that this is a $1 no reserve auction, and Bido is meant for great deals to happen!

Would you want to be the first performer in a talent show?  I wouldn’t.  Rest assured, you should see some gems making appearances on Bido.

EquityGrant.com is to be followed by these domain auctions:

Register for a free account at Bido.com and be on the lookout each day at 1PM EST for some quality domain deals.


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