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Bido Domain Auctions Are Back, But Will They Succeed?

By on October 29, 2010

I hope that the Bido.com we used to know and love will live up to it’s past success, but I have my doubts.

BidoOriginal founder, Sahar Sarid recently announced that Bido has been sold to an undisclosed company who is now in the process of re-launching the domain auction service. A familiar name will also be back, Jarred Cohen is taking the lead in managing and operating Bido.

I believe there are three important things Bido must address if they wish to sustain business for the long-term.

1. Domain Quality

One of the few qualms the domain community had with Bido was the lack of quality domains. Domains can be listed for free to be entered into a voting process where 10 votes will send a domain to auction. Sellers can also opt to send a domain directly to auction for 1 Bido credit ($8.88).

Bido could address this issue by providing incentives to domain sellers whose names reach 10 votes. They could also reach out to experienced Domainers to ask if they would be interested in submitting quality domains for auction.

2. Blogging / Community Connection

Sahar Sarid took advantage of his large network of friends and associates in the industry by blogging at Conceptualist.com. A quick search on Google shows that there are no less than 848 blog entries mentioning Bido. He literally posted almost everyday.

Do you think the new Bido blog will compare to Sahar’s passionate marketing? These blog posts probably drove the majority of traffic to Bido and were an essential part of it’s success.

3. Advertising

At one time Bido sponsored many of the leading domain industry publications, including this one. They placed their interactive “Closing Soon” widget in prime locations and showed that they supported the industry and were actively promoting auctions.

Without traffic and brand awareness there will be less interest, less mentions from bloggers and less bids.

Do take note that this time around, there is competition.

Welcome Back

Bido can overcome these hurdles during their return if they put in the effort.  I am happy to see they are back and wish the new owners and Jarred the best during this revival.

Will you eventually list domains for sale with Bido? What are your concerns about their return? Please leave a comment below.


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