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The Best SEO Advice I’ve Read All Year

By on October 30, 2010
SEO Advice

The industry leaders at Search Engine Land recently published an outstanding article that provides unique insight into optimizing your website for search engine success.

The article reveals 25 super common SEO mistakes, but surprisingly the list does not include the basic mistakes you may be thinking of. You know, those mishaps with title tags, images and anchor text that I have personally covered in my article on WordPress SEO Mistakes.

Required Reading

Many SEO mistakes have been revealed in this new article. Here are just a few examples:

  • Optimizing Google tools for SEO research
  • Making sure to brainstorm keywords
  • Avoiding free blogging platforms
  • Forgetting your customer’s vocabulary
  • Avoiding too much internal linking
  • Not using a variety of anchor texts

I highly recommend you read through Search Engine Land’s full list of 25 Super Common SEO Mistakes for some of the best SEO advice you’ll find all year.

Bonus SEO News

I’d also like to share a bonus, breaking piece of SEO news that the Search Engine Land guys may not even know about yet.

NoFollow links may actually provide some value!

That’s right, Google may be lying to us when they say the “NoFollow” link attribute works to stop from passing any value.

An independent 6-month experiment has been completed by Brian Gilley of SocialSEO.com where they set out to discover if NoFollow links pass any PageRank, search ranking benefits or page value.

The results were very surprising. Over 90 NoFollow links were setup to point to two brand new domains by writing real comments on relevant blogs. In the end, the new domains were in fact ranking well for some of the targeted terms.

All those blog comments may not be a waste of time after-all. So go ahead and leave one below to let us know what you think about the latest SEO news and trends.


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