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Best of 2010: Domaining Articles and Tutorials

By on December 29, 2010

It may come as a surprise to you that DotSauce Magazine published just 90 articles in 2010. That averages out to a healthy 7.5 per month or ~2 per week and yet the website continues to be one of the most visited publications in the domain space alongside DNJournal and Domain Name Wire.

Gone Social

I have taken advantage of a growing network of domain investors, web developers and entrepreneurs through popular social networking outlets. Thank you so much to all the dedicated fans and followers who keep updated and share your favorite articles.

Each post on DotSauce Magazine has a purpose and the goal is to impart knowledge to the best of my ability or share valuable resources and news. I used to blog nearly everyday, but since making the switch to this style of publication I have not looked back.

Search Dominance

Google has looked favorably on my search engine optimization efforts and the content that comes with a well-rounded article featuring external resources, images and keyword savvy phrasing.

Hundreds of daily unique visitors stumble upon DotSauce Magazine looking for insight into the mysterious world of domain names, web development, marketing and online business. I’ve got love for my regular readers, but these are the people I want to reach the most. Many industry veterans like Rick Schwartz, Ron Jackson, Frank Schilling and Rob Sequin have preached over the years that we will not get anywhere without educating the public. It is something I am just as passionate about as buying and selling domain names.

Top 10 of 2010

Here are the top 10 domain industry articles and editorials from DotSauce Magazine in 2010.

  1. 55% of Search Queries Are 3+ Words, 70% Have No Exact Match – Shocking news from Google leads me to believe that three-word domains are coming into their prime and can be used to tremendous SEO benefit.
  2. Premium TLDs: Not All Domain Extensions Are Created Equal – As excitement for newly proposed domain extensions ramps up, I explain why I think only a select few TLDs are the cream of the crop.
  3. Right Brain Domaining – Inspired by a great read, I write how creativity is an essential part of domaining success.
  4. 12 Useful Browser Bookmarklets For Domain Name and SEO Research – This collection of handy browser tools for researching domains and SEO turned out to be very popular.
  5. Using Rich Media and Fresh Data To Market Your Domains For Sale – This how-to article details how you can use images, statistics and facts about your domains to sell them easier.
  6. A Brief History of the Internet and A Look At .COM Success Barriers – In this article I share some insight into the creation of the web and how pricing, knowledge and common sense are important factors for domain industry success.
  7. How To Market Your Domain Name To Get More Visitors – This new editorial describes best practices for formating and tips for getting the most eyes possible on your domain name.
  8. How To Sell Domain Names: A Beginner’s Guide – Simple to follow instructions and getting back to the basics for domain sales success.
  9. Top 100 Domain Tools, Resources and Websites – A huge roundup of the most popular websites and companies in the domain name industry.
  10. Top 10 Myths About Domain Names – In the most popular article of the year, I take off the gloves and knock-out some common myths and misconceptions of our industry.

You may also be interested in browsing more articles on domains or the numerous marketing, web development and SEO articles featured on DotSauce in 2010.

Happy New Year!

I hope you enjoyed these articles and editorials and found them useful for your domain business.

Please continue to follow DotSauce Magazine for exciting new updates and features that will be coming with the new year.


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