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Best Domain Name Buy of 2010

By on December 13, 2010

There have been 80 six-figure domain sales reported in 2010 and likely dozens of others that went unreported.

Headlining the list are some truly amazing domain names including Dating.com, Boating.com, Angels.com, Flying.com, Sex.com, Celebs.com, Business.tv, Poker.org and many other great generic keywords.

After reviewing the list of sales for the year, one name stands out from the rest.

How to Say Logo in 35 Different Languages

Logo.com was reported sold for $500,000 on November 3rd. The buyers, Adam Strong and Alan Townsend have formed a company primed to launch an internationalized logo design service for small business in 2011. They purchased the domain on Sedo.

I am selecting this domain name as my pick for best domain name buy of 2010 because of it’s global brand appeal. The word “logo” translates the same in over 35 different languages. This makes the domain name Logo.com priceless. The purchase is a brilliant investment at just half a million dollars for a brand name which will become the cornerstone of a business.

The logo design business is a thriving industry online. Thousands of popular websites including communities, design firms, design resources and logo design competitions are competing for business.

Logo.com has already captured a position on page 1 of search results pages because of it’s brand power. As the business develops, the domain will continue to rise in search ranking.

Coincidentally, DotSauce Magazine is due for a new logo design as I move in to the fourth anniversary of this publication in 2011. I hope to continue to expand DotSauce’s reach by adopting new development standards and a more professional look.

My best wishes to Adam Strong and Logo.com, LLC. Congratulations on your success thus far.


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