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BarsForUs.com and Startup Weekend to be Featured on NBC this Friday

By on July 17, 2008

Startup Weekend

This past weekend, 50 entrepreneurs gathered together in Raleigh, NC for Startup Weekend.  The event was a wonderful experience.  Out of this meeting-of-minds, four unique web based businesses were developed from conception to launch. You can read more details about all four startups at the RTP Startup Weekend blog.

Take the Guesswork out of Finding Great Bars!

The business I was involved with launching is called BarsForUs.com, an application used for finding detailed information on local bars.  Using an on-the-fly tagging system, you can narrow local bars down according to your interests and have their descriptions and location delivered instantly. barsforus-screencap2.png

Lots of Good Media Exposure: CNBC this Friday!

BarsForUs.com will be featured on CNBC at 10:30AM eastern this Friday with NBC News reporter Ron Mott! As part of a special report on the Raleigh Startup weekend.  The CNBC crew was great and very much involved in the whole weekend doing interviews and filming everything.  Some interviews will be made live on CNBC.com starting Friday as well. We will also be featured on NBC’s Today Show Saturday morning at 7:30AM eastern!

  • CBNC at 10:30 am , Friday
  • CNBC at 4:30 pm, Friday
  • NBC Today Show at 7:30 am, Saturday morning
  • NBC Weekend Nightly News at 6:30, either Saturday or Sunday

In other media exposure we have been featured in a NewsObserver article.

Vote for our TechCrunch Elevator Pitch

Our 60 second startup pitch video on TechCrunch is now live. Please give us your vote!

Advertising and Franchise Opportunities

The Team and I are quite excited about what the near-future holds for our business.  Upgrades and updates are underway, advertising information and featured listings for local bars will soon be in place.  We hope to have franchise opportunities available soon for our application to branch out across the country.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media

The BarsForUs.com Team is developing a strong presence on social networking websites. We invite you to connect with us on the following websites to network, share ideas, provide feedback, keep informed, spread the word and get involved!

Thank you for your support!


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