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Avoiding Domain Parking Accidents

By on October 22, 2007

The Domainer’s Gazette has a humorous yet oh so real article displaying some poorly customized parked domains. We have all seen them in our adventures across the unexplored internet. Domains which are parked with less-than-appealing graphic images and sponsored links so irrelevant that a child wouldn’t accidentally click.

“Welcome to SnowMobileRentals.com!”


I can’t say that all my own parked domains are perfectly customized. Maybe it’s time that we all did a little investigation and optimization into our parked domain names. Get some feedback on keywords and design from friends, family and colleagues, though be sure to tell them not to click links!

Optimizing Your Landing Pages

Improving your landing pages on even a few domains could start you earning an easy residual income. It may be a time consuming process, but in the long run it will definitely be worth your while. Here are some things you should really put some thought into perfecting on your landing pages.

  • Unique and relevant title and sub-title.
  • Creating the right photos, graphics or logo.
  • Matching and appealing color scheme.
  • Relevant and powerful sponsored link keywords.

Get started with your highest trafficked domain names and work your way down. Even if your name gets a single visitor per day and you can gain that persons trust and attention enough to click on a sponsored link for, oh let’s say a measly 10¢, that would earn you $36 a year from one domain!


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