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One-Word .CO Domains Available to Register – Includes 2009 Word of the Year!

By on July 27, 2010

Available .CO Domains

The .CO domain registration count has reached 336,000+ just one week after the exciting launch. Remaining quality one-word domains are well on their way to being all claimed, but there are a few left if you look hard enough.

Below is a handpicked list of one-word .CO domains that were available to register as of the time of this posting.

If you would like to claim one or more of these domains for $29.99 year, I ask that you please use this link to GoDaddy so that I receive a modest commission for the referral.

  • Crusade.co
  • Squadron.co
  • Errand.co
  • Deployed.co
  • Confide.co
  • Enlist.co
  • Nominated.co
  • Roster.co
  • Corrective.co
  • Cleansed.co
  • Orderly.co
  • Honorable.co
  • Tunneling.co
  • Featuring.co
  • Configured.co
  • Shapely.co
  • Unfriend.co (2009 Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year!)
  • Observance.co
  • Flaming.co
  • Taught.co
  • Trained.co
  • Versed.co
  • Peruse.co
  • Remembrance.co
  • Ploy.co
  • Commanding.co
  • Depiction.co
  • Redeemed.co

Please do not re-post or share this list anywhere.

Thank you for using this link to GoDaddy to register these domains.

Please feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts or appreciation for my domain research.


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