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Premium Available Domains Sent Out Today: See Which .COM’s Get Registered!

By on April 19, 2009

A couple of hours ago, the latest Available Domains Newsletter was sent out.  This edition featured 57 hand picked domains that had expired and recently become available for registration.  This free newsletter is usually sent out every 2 weeks.

Some great names have already been taken, quality two word .COM’s with brand, development and/or resale potential.  I would like to share these few as samples that were registered from the newsletter today.

  • GroupBilling.com
  • BrowseTrips.com
  • RealtorsMarketing.com
  • InterestMarketing.com
  • BaseballPlaque.com
  • PromotionsCalendar.com
  • RandomStory.com
  • ButtonEditor.com

Several more nice names are expected to be registered from the newsletter tonight and tomorrow.  Congratulations to all the new owners, nice picks!

I also included a bonus list of a select few quality three word domains, almost all of which have now been registered.

  • OnlineBookingDeals.com
  • EasyMembershipScript.com
  • YouthfulLookingSkin.com
  • AntiVirusSubscription.com

These usually have strong foundation for developing search engine rankings. I may regularly include more three word names if interest continues.

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