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Don’t Miss Another Available Domains Newsletter!

By on June 20, 2008

The third edition of the DotSauce Available Domains Newsletter was sent out yesterday evening.  We’ve had a great response from subscribers who are finding quality .COM domain names.

Providing Quality Over Quantity

Our best measure of success is in what’s taken; About 50 available domain names are delivered every few days and so far over 30 great domains have been claimed and registered!

There are many available domain newsletters floating around the domainersphere, comprised mostly of mediocre names with made up words, non-profitable niches and littered with .NET and other extensions.

We Do the Research, You Develop or Resell

You will clearly see the value in each and every name we publish to the newsletter.  We manually examine and research these expired domains to produce the best quality lists of domains with profit potential through development or resale.

Some names we have found for our subscribers that are now taken

CreateFlags.com … RetiredUSAF.com … KnickersLingerie.com … ForumPoll.com … BorderlineCrazy.com … EducationalPurposes.com … TechTuesday.com … NewsletterProducer.com … FoundGifts.com … ProfitRoundtable.com … RealDrugStores.com … FreelyGiving.com … RockProdigy.com … ScentedThings.com … OnlineAdvertisingSales.com … FlashMemoryDevices.com … ImpressiveSales.com

…and we believe there are even better names which haven’t been claimed from our list yet!

So go ahead, sign up for free to receive our available domains newsletter.


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