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Astounded.com on Bido Live Auction Today at 1PM EDT – Read expert commentary and history of this 10 year old domain.

By on March 23, 2009

bido.gifI am selling one of my premier domain names, ASTOUNDED.com to raise funds for my web ventures, mainly DotSauce.

There will be a live auction at Bido.com starting at 1PM today for the purchase of Astounded.com, biding starts at $1 and there is no reserve price!

More About Astounded.com Live Domain Auction

Expert commentary for the domain name has been very positive. Here are a few quotes from the comments on Bido for Astounded.com

“You can’t go wrong with this name. It’s an old name that was a built out site for 8+ years. It is not only a dictionary dotcom the root word astound has power. Kind of a shock and awe word. Strong one word names make the best domains. It is very brandable.”

“I could see this name worth close to 13k when the economy turns around… this domain is a solid investment.”

Richard Keicher of NameOrder.com


“I would be ‘astounded’ if this went for under 1K. The history and flexibility of this domain give it great value.”

Shane Cultra


“Astounded? You should be, here is a fantastic opportunity to get your hands on a very strong domain for any portfolio…. I expect this beauty to go for $5,000+ and wouldn’t want to see any less.”

Gary Taylor of 3ac Domains

Read more comments and register to Bid at Bido.com

Bido is a great new domain marketplace that features 1 domain auction everyday at 1pm.  There is even a bidder chat room.  Simply sign up for a free account and verify a credit card to be able to participate in the live auction!

A Little History About Astounded.com

In 1998, I started a web hosting and design company while fresh into high school. My company, Astounded.com was born out of a passion for creating websites and online business.

I resold some amazing hosting and contracted out to a number web design savvy friends and freelancers for development and design work. I even signed up for this cool online banking service called X.com, now PayPal, and started selling websites and domain names. Back when the old Afternic domain aftermarket chat room was the place to be and domain registrations still cost you $70 a year.

Here is a newspaper clipping of when I was inducted into the Jacksonville, NC Chamber of Commerce as their youngest ever member.


Over the years I gained clients of all types from the local country club, chamber of commerce, musicians, organizations and at one point had 75 web hosting clients. Business was booming, but I was looking for something more that didn’t require so much tech support and allowed me to be more creative.


I later sold the hosting clients (not the company or the Astounded.com domain) and pursued a new path in writing, marketing, developing online businesses and of course domaining has been the foundation of my success online.

I will spare you my college years for now where more online businesses arose and fell and save those stories for another article.

So, with my experience and passion for domaining I have developed this website, DotSauce.com to be a top community of domain owners and my hope is to provide some of the best content, tools and resources available for the domain industry.

A good portion of the proceeds from the sale of Astounded.com will go into improving the DotSauce domainer community!

Sorry, not everyone can win Astounded.com!

Other ways you can support DotSauce…

  1. Consider becoming a lifetime DotSauce Premium member.  There is lots of valuable domaining content to be discovered and other generous perks.
  2. Advertise your domain industry business on DotSauce.  There are currently a select few positions available, if you feel your business is right then please contact me.
  3. Join Rick Latona’s ccTLDs.com forum, I’m in the lead towards winning a conference ticket to TRAFFIC, Amsterdam!

Thanks to all the DotSauce readers new and old!


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