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Great Deals on Quality .COM Domain Names

By on October 23, 2008

The AQDN.com domain sales marketplace launched just 2 weeks ago and has already sold many domains because of low reseller pricing and high quality keyword phrases.  These domains have obvious development potential with strong call to action brands.

Introducing the AQDN Affiliate Program

Just announced, the AQDN Affiliate Program pays you 15% commission for any and all domain sales you refer!  It is free to sign up and you can begin promoting our domains to your clients, friends and fellow domainers.  These quality domains sell themselves!

Listed below is a peak at the current inventory of domains still available to purchase on AQDN.  Sales are made on a first come, first serve basis.  Act now, these great .COM domains will be sold soon!

Click Domains for a Detailed Description

$35 – NetworkingProfiles.com
$35 – MajorFile.com
$35 – ButtonTrade.com
$35 – FunDiscussion.com
$35 – DesignerCSS.com
$35 – SendLuck.com
$35 – DailyCDs.com
$35 – FeedFollow.com

$55 – LocalWAN.com
$55 – DownloadRebates.com
$55 – DiscussFM.com
$55 – LowerMileage.com

$75 – Hapse.com
$75 – XboxPreviews.com
$75 – GuardWear.com
$75 – ShowcaseCards.com

$125 – ImmediateLegal.com
$125 – SaleDuJour.com
$125 – WebDeveloperJob.com
$125 – BlogBookstore.com

$149 – WirelessBookReader.com

Stay Updated on New Domain Deals

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Thanks for checking out AQDN! Please feel free to comment below with any suggestions or questions you might have. Carpe Nomen ~ Seize the Name!


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