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Another Free High Profile Backlink: Instagram Launches Web Profiles

By on November 12, 2012

Does social media activity contribute to SEO performance? Some say it doesn’t. I’m standing by my theory that social activity is indirectly beneficial for any business. I recommend having a presence on as many relevant social websites as possible.

Instagram, the massively popular photo sharing application has just launched web profiles. A few months ago it was LinkedIn Company Pages, preceded by Google+ for business, and of course Facebook Pages. There are dozens more social networks for every niche; each one a potential opportunity to expand your web presence.

New Instagram Web Profiles

Reality Check Disclaimer

  • You won’t get a PageRank boost and you won’t be able to choose your own anchor text. In most cases your website address is displayed as the full URL and tagged “nofollow.”
  • You can’t set it and forget it.

The Payoff and the Process

Getting new visitors should be the first and most obvious benefit to getting backlinks for to your website. We all want to increase traffic and backlinks are a great source for targeted leads, especially if you know the link is permanent.

As with Twitter, we can potentially gain additional “do follow” backlinks from Instagram apps created with their API and user directories, tools and spinoff websites that will inevitably spring up. Your Twitter biography is syndicated all over the web. This was the primary reason for my writing 5 tips on using social for SEO.

It’s important for personal branding to at least set up a presence on social networks of interest. For the best results you’ll want to engage with people of relevant interests to your business.

You’ve probably been told to engage on social media at least a dozen times at this point. I would break the process down to two simple steps.

First of all, you should friend, follow, connect and circle to your hearts content. Expand your reach. Secondly, share your own content and relevant news and resources, photos and more. Klout offers a good measure of how successful you are at engaging your network.

An engaged profile will be ranked higher internally on applications, directories, lists, other profiles; this equates to more exposure to search engine indexation and more traffic.

Get Started

Have you created your Twitter profile and Facebook page? LinkedIn Company profile? Google+ for business? How about a Google Places listing for your brick-and-mortar business?

If you want to be heard, you’ll need a SoundCloud and YouTube profile.

If you want to be seen, get a FlickrPinterestTumblr blog and a brand new profile on Instagram.


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