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By on May 28, 2010

Early next week, the DotSauce Forums will be closing down and replaced with a completely new platform. Our domain marketplace and link directory will also be taken down as they are built into the existing forum.

Sometimes you just have to go out with the old and in with the new!

I am excited about the new forum platform and look forward to sharing all the details and an invitation with you next week.

Crowdsourced Domain Research

My crowdsourced domain research experiment has produced less than desirable results. The SquadHelp contest just finished this morning and the final result was 26 entries.

Of the entries, only three domains had a Valuate score of $500 or more.

Two of those three were pretty decent quality and surprisingly came from the same person. I will release these two names in an upcoming available domain list here on DotSauce very soon.

Google TV May Cause .TV Buzz

In our last weekly poll question I asked,

Will Google TV lead to increased .TV registrations and aftermarket sales?

While there were not as many votes as a more generic poll may have brought in, the majority of participants (74%) responded “Yes.”

GeoDomain Development

Should GeoDomains cater to tourists or residents?

It seems the jury is still out.

Many shared their thoughts on GeoDomain development and ideas are spread between focusing on tourists, focusing on residents or having an equal representation of content for both.

I personally think websites should cater greatly to local residents and local business as this can still be very profitable.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading. Please stay tuned for the DotSauce forum launch announcement early next week!


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