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Why AdSense for Domains is a Step in the Wrong Direction

By on December 12, 2008

I mentioned in my last editorial, “The Evolution of Domain Parking and Mini Sites” that domain parking will gradually transition to feature rich mini-site development. Google recently announced the public launch of it’s AdSense for Domains program. As with all things Google, it is getting alot of buzz in the industry.

Will AdSense for Domains be worth your time? Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and shortcomings of Google AdSense for Domains.

What are the benefits of AdSense for Domains?

  • Higher Conversions – There have been case studies and numerous reports on conversion rates for simple domain parking pages. Direct navigation (typing a domain into an address bar) has proven to be highly targeted traffic.
  • Possibly Higher Revenue – This may turn out to be the opposite as Andrew of DNW points out here, Google has contracts for the advertising feeds it provides to parking companies. It is within Google’s power to “dial back” or reduce revenue shares for both parking companies and new AdSense for Domains users.

What is AdSense for Domains lacking?

  • Search Indexing – Obviously Google is not going to index any domain enrolled in this program, a major drawback to anyone interested in driving more traffic and increasing site value.
  • Domain Sales Contact – As far as I am aware there is no option to notify visitors that your domain may be for sale or how to contact you, please correct me if I am wrong.
  • Unique Landing Page Design – Google is good at simplicity.  Pages may convert but won’t look good.
  • Unique Keyword Rich Content – It is impossible to add any custom content whatsoever to your domains.
  • Alternate Revenue – There will be no option to include affiliate links, products or leads of any kind.
  • Customization – No real way to fix any of the above.

These are huge features that benefit domainers by increasing the short and long term value of your domain name properties.

Google’s AdSense for Domains is simply boring domain parking for the general public repackaged and sold direct from the provider. They are taking a step backwards in the evolution of domain parking.

Don’t worry about activating your AdSense for Domains account, it will probably just disappoint and waste your time. However, I must admit I will be interested to hear about initial conversion rates and revenue earnings per click.

What’s a Better Alternative?

Soon I will be announcing an amazing new product/service for domainers that will allow you to almost instantly develop full mini-sites with unique content and multiple revenue streams including Google AdSense direct from Google! There are many other great features I can’t wait to share. I am currently in beta testing and will have a full review completed when the product officially goes live.

Update: The wait is over!  Parking Revolution has just been announced.

What are your thoughts on Google AdSense for Domains versus automated mini-sites or more advanced domain parking?  Please comment.


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