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DotSauce MagazineDotSauce Magazine launched in April 2007 as a web-based domain name industry magazine. We aim to capture your attention with bold, interesting, informative and useful articles that will keep you coming back for more.

DotSauce has been featured on WIRED MagazineSmashing MagazineModern DomainerDNJournal, Moniker Brokerage, Afternic Blog, Name.com Blog, Domainer’s Choice Awards, Web Designer Mag, FeedBurner Blog, AllTop Blog, Winning The Web Top 100, Domaining.com and many other related industry news sources.

What You Can Find Here

Domain InvestingOur main focus, as you might have guessed, is the domain name industry. With years of experience in domains and web development, we understand that you want more than the typical domain industry news. DotSauce features articles, reviews, editorials and news on innovative applications and resources you may find useful.

We’re happy to share knowledge about domain investing and online business. Teaching the business is good for the industry as a whole!

We occasionally cover related industries such as search engine optimization, web development, marketing, advertising, blogging and social networking.

The DotSauce Q&A Forum is a great source of information on all things domaining! Join today for free and network with other industry professionals.

Our Domain Club features exclusive discounts on quality .COM domains and other valuable resources and services.

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Mark Fulton
Founder & Editor
DotSauce Magazine