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7 Resources For Online Entrepreneurs You Should Be Reading

By on February 23, 2010

I’m sure you’ve come across some of the following resources before, at least I hope, because I’ve selected some of the very best publications catering to online business entrepreneurs.

These websites are some of my favorite destinations where I try to consume as much relevant information as I can. I hope you find time to check them out, subscribe or follow on Twitter because it is definitely worth it!

1. Hacker News

A social news sharing community hub that was started by the popular venture capitol firm YCombinator. There is always fresh online business news to be found with a heavy sampling of programming and technological innovations. (Twitter: @HackerNews)

2. Inc. Magazine

Inc. Magazine provides inspiring and educational articles on small business, marketing, social media, branding and much more. They have some of the best interviews with successful entrepreneurs. My favorite interview is with WordPress founder, Matt Mullenweg who shares how he works from home. (Twitter: @INCMagazine)

3. Mixergy

Like Inc. Magazine, Mixergy also provides phenomenal interviews, but this wildly popular blog has taken it a step further with countless live video sessions with successful online entrepreneurs. Tune in to learn from business experts like Seth Godin, Timothy Ferris, and Gary Vaynerchuk as well as some less-known upstarts that made it big. (Twitter: @Mixergy)

4. AdvertisingAge

AdAge, as it is commonly referred to, is an industry leading online marketing publication. Comprehensive coverage and in-depth articles for big and small business marketing, branding and what is to come in the new age of social media. (Twitter: @AdAge)

5. eConsultancy

This blog is one of my favorite publications because they provide a selection of articles on subjects ranging from website management, SEO and marketing to usability and social media. eConsultancy is always looking out for what’s on the horizon for online business. (Twitter: @eConsultancy)

6. eMarketer

eMarketer provides profoundly insightful articles because they do some serious research, gathering data from thousands of sources. eMarketer analysis of media usage by the public and internet marketing trends is definitely a must follow. (Twitter: @eMarketer)

7. Social Media Examiner

As you might guess, Social Media Examiner is all about Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin success. This popular blog has become a phenomenal resource containing articles on optimizing your marketing and brand building efforts across these networks. (Twitter: @smexaminer)

If for some crazy reason you want more (I know you do!), please follow me on Twitter @DotSauce where I’m often found sharing resources related to small business, marketing, social media, web development and domain names.

I hope you found these resources for online entrepreneurs useful. Consider passing this article on to a friend to share the knowledge!


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