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55 Active RSS Directories to Help Promote Your RSS Feeds!

By on June 6, 2007

Most bloggers and website owners have RSS feeds to distribute their content and we’ve all heard of web directories for regular link submission. Did you know there are tons of directories specifically developed for promoting your RSS feeds?

It is fairly common sense, the more subscribers you get to your RSS feeds the more visitors you will have to your website. A high subscriber pool can increase visitor retention, monetization and activity on your site as well.

Lets get you some more subscribers!

I have weeded through over 100 RSS directories and stripped out the inactive, slow, poor quality sites. The following 55 featured sites are active directories that receive visitors and submissions daily. Links below will open in a new window and usually go straight to the submission form.

Before you go into a submission frenzy…

As a thank you for compiling this list, please be so kind as to subscribe to the DotSauce.com RSS feed for great articles on web design, development and the domain industry. Enjoy!

It has also been suggested that you spread out your RSS feed submissions over the period of a few days.  This way you will receive a steady rise in subscribers. So, bookmark this article and come back tomorrow too!

55 Active Web Directories to Submit your RSS Feed!

  • Feedest.com
  • Blogoculars.com
  • 2RSS.com
  • RSSaround.com
  • BLOGBal.com
  • Plazoo.com
  • Page2go2.com
  • Feedooyoo.com
  • RSSmicro.com
  • FeedFury.com
  • Octora.com
  • RSSMountain.com
  • FindRSS.net
  • FeedBase.net
  • RSSmotron.com
  • MillionRSS.com
  • Yahoo RSS Guide
  • ReadABlog.com
  • GoldenFeed.com
  • BlogDigger.com
  • 88tem.com
  • WeBlogAlot.com
  • Chordata.info
  • BlogPulse.com
  • DayPop.com
  • IceRocket.com
  • RSS-Network.com
  • Feeds2read.net
  • Feedcycle.com
  • FeedShark.BrainBliss.com
  • FeedPlex.com

These RSS directories require free username registration.

  • Scribnia
  • OnTopList
  • FeedCat.net
  • Feedage.com
  • NewsIsFree.com
  • Syndic8.com
  • NewzAlert.com

Good luck promoting your RSS feeds to these great RSS Directories!

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