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52 Handpicked Expired Domain Names Available to Register

By on December 9, 2010

I’m happy to be sharing one of the biggest expired domain lists I’ve made available to the public today. I’ve been keeping busy with research, not missing many days. I have recently selected these 52 expired keyword domains to share with DotSauce readers.

Included with the keyword domains are a handful of positive sounding and alliterative brand names as well as a selection of pronounceable five letter domains. I hope you find one that interests you. Enjoy!

Review the domain list below and consider registering through this promotional link to GoDaddy for $7.49 per year.

52 Available Domains

  1. Standable.com
  2. QuickOptimize.com
  3. ComputerCinema.com
  4. DataUpdater.com
  5. WorkCounseling.com
  6. DesktopSmart.com
  7. TypingSuccess.com
  8. GeekOuts.com
  9. NiceBouquet.com
  10. DeviceCatalog.com
  11. LocalCarpeting.com
  12. WashingCats.com
  13. DiaryBlogger.com
  14. GrandPoster.com
  15. TouchDemo.com
  16. MembersDeluxe.com
  17. AeroAfrica.com
  18. ChicagoDigger.com
  19. ExpertStartups.com
  20. NetworkPromote.com
  21. AuthorsChannel.com
  22. GamblingLotto.com
  23. CoralGallery.com
  24. TrickTrade.com
  25. EditWizard.com
  26. DocsForum.com
  27. IgnitionMagazine.com
  28. SecureDent.com
  29. ColorSeek.com
  30. InformationDiary.com
  31. TicketFolder.com
  32. TwitSafe.com
  33. TrendBlogging.com
  34. WiFiAirline.com
  35. DemoDojo.com
  36. WonderfulPoetry.com
  37. BlogNavigation.com
  38. CampusFiles.com
  39. InfoBalloon.com
  40. TuvaluDomains.com
  41. StarTabs.com
  42. FindRead.com
  43. CinemaStereo.com
  44. AdventureGeek.com
  45. MakeFolio.com
  46. ListeningList.com
  47. GroundKeeping.com
  48. CopyTags.com
  49. Pilms.com
  50. Nevlo.com
  51. Menae.com
  52. UpTut.com

Like one? Register it at GoDaddy through this link for $7.49 per year.

Please Note

  • Do not re-post this domain list elsewhere.
  • Please use a reputable bulk lookup tool.
  • Do not bulk register; only claim the domain(s) you truly want.

Let me know in the comments below if you enjoyed this list. What are you favorite types of domains to register? Thank you for looking.

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