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5 Innovative and Free Web Applications used for SEO

By on May 27, 2007

As a follow up to the popular article, “5 Firefox Extensions Used for SEO,” I present to you some of my favorite powerful, innovative and down-right cool web based applications that can help determine various factors about your websites related to search engine optimization.

  • dnScoop’s Domain and Website Value Tool – this innovative tool provides astonishingly accurate market valuation to any website. Simply type in your website address and dnScoop goes to work calculating your traffic, PageRank, backlinks, domain age and more to determine just how much you could sell your website for along with all the juicy stats. dnScoop also has a great forum community.
  • Google Trends – Not-so-hidden in Google’s not-so-secret laboratory you can find this powerful search term analysis tool that pulls keyword trend data from many years back. This data is charted nicely according to keyword popularity at a given time and is also ranked globally by country. See also, Google Webmaster Tools.
  • iWebTool’s Visual PageRank – This type of tool is not unique to iWebTool, however I am going to feature this page alone for the sake of clarity. Visual PageRank deploys a robot which crawls a given website and displays a Google PageRank icon next to each hyperlink. This tool allows for a clear view of the rankings of internal and external links on your website.
  • SeoDiggerBeta – Although new, this web app provides an interesting view of what search terms a given website appears for on Google. This tool may only be useful for established sites at least several months old. Long-tail keywords can be a significant source of traffic over long periods of time, SeoDigger may give you some insight into optimizing new keyword strings.
  • SEOmoz’s Page Strength and Crawl Test – Currently 2 free uniquely designed Ajax powered SEO tools. The Page Strength tool provides valuable information on your website and it’s search engine rankings as well as social networking backlinks, all of which are factors in determining your 0-10 numerical “page strength.” The Crawl Test requires a quick username registration as a basic member which allows you to one run diagnostic report every 24 hours. Their other 2 tools require premium paid membership.

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