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5 Firefox Extensions used for SEO

By on May 23, 2007

Search Engine Optimization can be a valuable asset to any developer or domainer. It takes dedication and focus and lots of your time. For the average Joe it is an all out grind to get backlinks, tidy up keywords and code, network with others, as well as publish fresh content. Getting your websites’ niche keywords as a first page result on Google is often times not an easy task. These tools can help simplify the process.

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To use these SEO tools you will need to

Ready to get started with optimizing your keywords, scrutinizing your competition and analyzing detailed statistics on how your site stands up against the rest of the internet? Then by all means install these free Firefox Extensions.

1. RankQuest SEO Toolbar

This popular extension is probably the most comprehensive “all-in-one” SEO tool for Firefox. Live PageRank, links & code validator, keyword analysis, meta tag optimization, popularity, traffic stats and more.

2. Autofill Forms

Great tool with many situational uses, such as submitting your website to hundreds of free directories! Essentially, it works just like Google Toolbar’s AutoFill. Autofill Forms enables you to fill out web forms with one click or a keyboard shortcut. A set of customizable rules is used to determine the input for each form element.

3. SeoQuake

Similar to a grease monkey Google modifying script, this extension places various important stats under each result including PageRank, number of pages indexed by Google, Alexa Rank, etc.

4. KGen

Keyword Generator allows you to extract strong keywords from any web page. Rightly enough, titles and header tags are given more strength. Check out your competitors keywords, make sure yours are optimized, or possibly use it to fill out social networking “tags” fields.

5. Niche Watch Tool

Extension requires a simple username & password registration. Once signed in this tool allows you to compare your domain name with the top 10 Google search results for a given keyword. Numerous important SEO statistics are displayed in this Firefox addon.

Hope you enjoy those extensions, please leave a comment on your experiences with these and other useful Firefox addons. Check out our Web Development section for more SEO tools and SEO resources.


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