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The 5 Essential Firefox Addons Every Web Developer Needs

By on December 30, 2007

I am using each and every one of these awesome Firefox tools DAILY and I want to make sure all of you are aware of them as well! The following 5 addons were picked based on their superior usefulness and functionality.

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Click on the addon titles to go directly to the developer’s install page.

1. Web Developer Toolbar

No brainer! The Firefox “Web Developer” toolbar has been in development by Chris Pederick since June of 2003. The Web Developer tool is packed with amazing features which allow you immediate access to information about any website you are browsing. Instantly view CSS files, disable JavaScript or cookies, control form fields, manipulate images, validate code and lots more.


2. FireShot

This fairly new Firefox addon allows you to create and manipulate screenshots of any webpage. You can capture a whole page or just a visible area. Before saving your file you can add shapes, highlight items, create styled text notes and pointers, as well as crop your screenshot. This is an especially nice tool for bloggers and graphic designers.


3. CoLT

CoLT is not as well known as the other Firefox addons featured here, but it’s just as useful. Bloggers, developers, designers and forum users all copies hyperlinks to their clipboard! CoLT gives you added control while copying URL’s to your clipboard. Automatically saving both the URL and it’s anchor text and allows you to output it in custom formats such as HTML, BB Code, or customize your own. This addon is only visible when right clicking on hyperlinks.


4. MeasureIt

Simplicity at it’s finest. This little addon allows you to draw a ruler on top of any webpage to determine the pixel height and width of any element! Takes the guess work out of CSS margin and padding adjustments, image and element placement. You can also drag the box around once you measure something.


5. ColorZilla

Another little addon that packs some big tools. Literally. ColorZilla is an advanced eyedropper Firefox addon which allows you to zoom in up to 1000%, allowing you to grab the Hex or RGB code of the tiniest pixel anywhere on the web. I recommend enabling the “Autocopy” feature right after you install (not enabled by default), this way everytime you grab a Hex color code it is instantly stored on your clipboard.



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