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Happy 4th! Come Celebrate With A Special 24 Hour Domain Sale

By on July 4, 2011

To celebrate the Fourth of July with you, I’m offering a special discount on Domain Club memberships and quality .com domain names for the first time.

Domain Club membership plans are already affordable, particularly with the recent introduction of the Plus membership. So, you won’t typically see coupon codes enabled. Act now to join in with added savings.

All Memberships $4 Off

For the next 24 hours, you can get $4 off your first membership fee. That means signing up is just $5 for a Plus membership or $16 for a Pro membership.

With a Domain Club Plus membership you are able to buy up to 2 domain names each month. Domain Club Pro members can claim up to 8 domains each month and enjoy added services such as exclusive access to handpicked expired domains.

All Domains $4 Off

I’m also applying this discount to every domain name in the $19 quality .com inventory. That’s right, all domains are just $15 for the next 24 hours.

You’re welcome to browse the inventory and domain statistics before you buy. The Domain Club inventory features keyword rich product domains, quality brands and other select .COM domains with web development and resale potential.

Claim Your Fourth of July Savings

Use this coupon code when signing up for Domain Club membership or buying domains from our inventory to save $4 each!


Check out the Domain Club features and membership plans to get started. There you’ll find details about the many valuable resources and services offered exclusively to members.

This special offer and coupon code will expire on July 5th at midnight EST.

Please leave a comment or get in touch with any questions you might have about Domain Club membership. See you on the inside. Happy Fourth of July! Have a safe and fun-filled holiday.


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