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30 Handpicked Expired .Com Domains Available To Register

By on September 23, 2010

Expired .Com Domains

It’s been awhile since the last available domains list here at DotSauce, but the wait is over. Today’s list features 30 domains, most of which are quality two-word combinations with clear development and resale potential.

Also included is a bonus set of five-letter pronounceable domains.

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  1. VideoPlaytime.com
  2. Createables.com
  3. FastCasts.com
  4. MusclesPain.com
  5. PicturesNetwork.com
  6. BuyerView.com
  7. NewlyAdded.com
  8. ActionGenre.com
  9. DiabetesManual.com
  10. WiFiBuzz.com
  11. TouchGamers.com
  12. SelectChart.com
  13. SelectJoin.com
  14. PetitionSign.com
  15. RatingArticles.com
  16. ParkingBuddy.com
  17. ExerciseQuest.com
  18. PlanetHunting.com
  19. SurveysEasy.com
  20. ResaleSites.com
  21. StudentDisk.com
  22. StudentCase.com
  23. SkateparkCity.com
  24. SnowRunning.com
  25. Fudys.com
  26. Fleos.com
  27. Gynzo.com
  28. Gloys.com
  29. Domli.com
  30. Junoa.com

Register domains through this promo link to GoDaddy for just $7.49 per year.

Please note!

  • Do not re-post this domain list anywhere.
  • Be sure to use a reputable bulk lookup tool.
  • Do not bulk register; only claim the domain(s) you truly want.

I plan to spend more time on domain research in the coming weeks, so these lists will start to appear more frequently. Your comments, feedback and support always help motivate me to provide these lists for free.

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